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Living in Germany without Speaking German

Living in Germany without Speaking German

Can I live in Germany without speaking German ?

Living in Germany without knowing how to speak German 

Can I live in Germany without knowing how to speak German? A duplicated question that every individual is wondering about before taking a single step to immigrate to Germany. Many people find learning a new language challenging. Dealing with the English tongue is their solution to travel abroad. Will this solution work in German immigration? The answer to this question depends on the life you would like to have. In the following lines, you will figure out the answer that suits your personality.

Live in Germany as a foreigner :  

Germany is the land of Diversity; according to this fact, you will find in Germany many cultures as well as many languages. Despite the multilingual tongues in Germany but still, German people speak German first even if you look foreign! It may seem a little bit weird, but most German people have foreign roots that make them sometimes look like tourists, but they grew up in Germany with a fluent German language. That is why German people always speak German first.

Germany’s Government allows immigrants who cannot speak German to enter the country. Also, you do not have to take an English international exam unless you are going to study in a university there in the English language. In other words, you do not have to have a German language or even English to immigrate to Germany. If you choose to move here with your mother tongue is going to be accepted for sure and has other consequences, you need to know!

Speak German language with others :

Human beings are communicators, which leads them to start conversations. Language plays a significant role in the daily sharing process. Language is an important factor to deal with others. You will be lucky to find a common language to use with another person. The issue exists when you find no common language between you and the other side. Most people think Germans are strict about their language, but German people have great diversity that allows many languages to survive. They care about their language as it is the key to integration. No one will have healthy relationships if migrants have no common language with the people around them. Despite the German government allowing immigrants to enter without knowing German, it prefers those who learn the language. Therefore, in many cases, the government introduces free German courses to skilled workers who have working visa or blue card.

Study in Germany for non-native speakers : 

If you decide to immigrate to Germany to study, it’s one of the EU countries with no tuition fees, with a high standard of education. The German language is not essential for studying in German universities for international students as Germany provides programs in the English language. Requirements to study in Germany for the international students who choose to study in English is holding IELTS with a score of 6.5. Some Universities accept TOEFL.

Non-German speakers in the labour German Market :

Not all the skilled workers that Germany needs must speak the German language. Many departments do not require the mother language of the country. The obstacle you will face if you work as a doctor, teacher or a job that requires you to communicate with many people from various cultures. The best cities to live in Germany for foreigners who are not native speakers of the German language are Germany’s big cities. Berlin, the Capital, followed by Munich and Frankfurt are the best destinations if you cannot speak the country’s language.

You still have the opportunity to work without knowing the German language. Some fields, such as marketing, media, and multinational companies require fluent English.

Learn the German language : 

As mentioned before, it is not mandatory to know the German language if you want to study, work, or immigrate to Germany, even though it might be a bit more difficult. However, imagine you have the language that all the country’s people speak; different nationalities speak the same tongue; express themselves and their cultures. Through the German language, you can learn about various parts of the world and know about societies from around the world. Is not that a window that allows you to discover the world? The German language is not only for communication, but also for full integration. Whenever you want to ingrate with people, learn their tongue to share life. The choice is always yours, to learn a new language or stick to what you know.


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