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Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Working Life

Everything change, technology and new work strategies create a vast difference that affects the whole world includes the Social Responsibility in working life.

Have you ever asked yourself how the working life is going nowadays? 

Working Life has got new features that flourished lately especially after the pandemic. The world is publishing new work as a modern strategy. New work is free of hierarchy and has concepts which are independence, freedom, and participation in the community. As long as the successful future in the world depends on the sustainable and social responsibility. Germany starts to develop the corporate social responsibility (CSR) as the government believes that caring about achieving the suitability and the social responsibility is going to affect the working life efficiently, as well as improving a balance life for all people living here.

Defining Responsibilities and Creating Structures

Social responsibility is an ethical framework in which an individual obligated to work and cooperate with other individuals and organizations; for the benefit of the community that will affect the whole world. The purpose of corporate social responsibility in Germany is to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystem. Social responsibility is not applied to corporates only but individuals too. The employees should be transparent, using ethics that do not allow them to engage in socially harmful acts. The Federal Government in Germany adopted the CSR Action Plan in 2010, in order to spread social responsibility widely around the country. Germany tries to drive the idea of changing the strategic thinking of the employees in order to start understanding the importance of CSR which has a great impact on them now and on future generations then.

Sustainable compensation

As long as Germany is caring about sustainability and social responsibility, it cares about sustainable compensation. By 2020, the Federal Statistical Office of Germany found a gap between women and men in their payments. The pay gap is based on gender as women are paid less than men by 18% for the same job! , On the 7th of March,2022 the day which meets Women’s International Day, the started country to raise awareness of the gender pay gap, and follow sustainable compensation to decrease the gap in order to achieve equality in paying for all genders.

Diversity Concepts

The majority of people around the world prefer to immigrate to a country that can accommodate their culture and identity. They like culture’s destination that would not force them to change and accept their background. Cultural diversity in Germany is one of the most privileges that any migrant can have, as Germany accepts diversity; different ages, cultural backgrounds, world views, sexual orientations, various races and whatever the uniqueness feature the person has. 10 years ago, Mabanaft CEO Jonathan Perkins signed the German Diversity Charter. In that time, many countries did not have any idea about diversity meaning. The Germans don’t think diversity is a trendy feature; but a legal requirement. As proof: The General Equal Treatment Act requires employers to comply with equal opportunity and equal treatment regulations..


Variable Compensation and other Employer Benefit

One of the factors that support social responsibility in Germany and business ethics is variable compensation. It means pay given to employees based on the results they produce. It is usually offered on top of a fixed salary and comes in various forms. Such as commission, profit-sharing plan, bonus or stock Option. The variable compensations work well for the employers and the employees too.

Employers pay for the output results that the employees have already done. As well as, the talented employees earn more; which help to improve retention, engagement and increase productivity. As a result, employers can pay new employees after they generate revenue, which eliminates the need for upfront payments and helps align expenditures with income.

Mobility Budget

A mobility budget allows staff to exchange their car or their right to a company car for a flexible private allowance. Once allocated, the employee will have the freedom to spend it on any kind of mode of transport. This transportation could be a friendly eco-transport such as bike, also using fewer cars or general transportation could help in reducing the CO2. German companies will actively encourage more sustainable mobility behaviour for a better ecosystem.

Social Responsibility for the Workforce

The sustainability thoughts have affected the workforce in a good way, the human resources of the corporate social responsibility in Germany care about the employees’ well-being. The employees are the main factor for production, according to that fact that not many admitted; Germany cares about providing the employees with the most comfortable ecosystem that allows them to be more productive, innovate and flourish. Also, it supports occupational safety, health protection and data privacy.

Compliance and Code of Conduct

The code of ethics exits to solve the human interactions in wise way.

It helps to guide ethical behavior in the workplace. The code of ethics states the six universal moral values, to be trustworthy, respectful, responsible, fair, kind and good citizens. Germany is working to make all the corporates use the code in order to achieve gender equality and integration in Germany.

The government is going to achieve integrity in Germany through the CSR and Environmental social, and corporate governance (ESG) as a way to have a healthy working life. If you get a chance to choose the country you want to work in, Germany would be the perfect choice.

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